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We have reviewed a selection of nursing chairs, rocking chairs and glider chairs to help you select the most appropriate rocking chair for your needs. All of our rocking chair reviews are unique and independent. We will be adding new rocking chair reviews on a weekly basis. If you are looking for a rocking chair or glider chair, please feel free to browse and make a purchase.

  • Habebe Glider Nursery Rocking Chair

    Habebe Nursing Chair

    Comfortable Nursing Glider Chair for mums and babies
  • Eames Rocking Chair

    Eames Rocking Chair

    Stylish and Comfortable Eames Rocking Chair
  • Gaivota Rocking Chair

    Gaivota Rocking Chair

    This is the famous & award withing Gaivota rocking chair
  • JIP Childrens Rocking Chair in Wood

    JIP Childrens' Rocker

    Make your child feel special with this children's size rocking chair
  • Chesterfield Rocking Chair

    Chesterfield Rocker

    You don't see many rocking chairs of this quality these days
  • Childrens PU Leather Rocking Chair

    Children's PU Leather

    This has got to be the ultimate reward for youir special one

Rocking chairs have been around for years and we have all probably seen one or sat in one. I remember when I was a child, my grandparents had one and it was a real treat to be allowed to sit in the rocking chair. I'm sure it was a treat for them too as it was probably the only time I was quiet for more than 10 minutes. That particular rocking chair was a heavy set wooden framed rocking chair with big cushions but wooden rocking chairs have also been around for years. Recently, the Glider Chair has become more popular, especially for use as a nursing chair. The glider chairs provide a swaying movement by hanging the chair to the frame via a hinge. As the glider chairs are often used for nursing babies, they tend to be well upholstered with washable fabrics for obvious reasons. If all this terminology is a bit confusing, read on.

Rocking Chairs

The rocking chair is the easiest of all to describe. They come in all shapes, designs and sized but the thing that makes them an actual rocking chair is that they sit on top of a pair of curved rockers. These rockers allow the chair to rock backwards and forwards. Some rocking chairs are simple in design , allowing the rockers to sit directly on to the floor. Other rocking chairs have a separate section which sits on the floor and houses actual rockers so that the rockers do not touch the floor. Some even have springs and dampers which prevent excessive rocking.

Nursing Glider Chairs

Nursing chairs are used by mothers to feed their baby or to be able to sit comfortably whilst they rock them off to sleep. The motion of the rocking chair provides a soothing experience for the baby which is why these nursing chairs are so popular amongst mothers and parents. Nursing chairs are often based on glider chairs, as opposed to rocking chairs as the movement they provide is generally more soothing for the baby. Glider chairs provide a movement similar to a rocking chair but is achieved without rockers. Nursing chairs often come with a footstool. The glider chair is hung from a frame via a hinge. This in theory allows a smoother movement which is similar to a swing. Glider chairs are usually well upholstered and have additional features such as breaks. They can also have different settings which adjust the flow of the movement. If you are choosing a nursing chair, remember to get one that is well upholstered and has removable covers.

Wooden Rocking Chairs

Wooden rocking chairs have been around for ever and have stood the test of time and so you would think there is little left to be said about them. Well, that's not the case. Wooden rocking chairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes with differing levels of detail. In fact, some designer chairs are extremely comfortable even without cushions, due to the body hugging contours of the chair. Some other wooden chairs are also designed to look special. They can use high quality wood, curved contours etc. All this provides a fascinating range of wooden rocking chairs available to meet different needs and preferences.

Children's Rocking Chairs

It is a fact that all children absolutely love rocking chairs. For a child to be given their very own rocking chair is one of the best presents or rewards you can give them. Watch them sit quietly in their special chair' whilst they read of watch TV. Children's rocking chairs are available in many styles, sizes and colours. Some are more comfortable than others and may need a cushion, especially wooden rocking chairs. Others are well padded and come with foot stools.

Modern Rocking Chairs

Modern rocking chairs use a variety of materials to provide an alternative to the traditional wooden rocking chair. You just have to search through the different types to see what we mean. Amongst the modern rocking chairs, we also find the designer rocking chairs which are made to a high standard and for their appearance just as much as their use and comfort. Some are both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing and occasionally very expensive.